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Kate Gould Gardens | Chelsea 2009
Award Winning Garden Designer, Garden Designs, Garden Planning and Landscaping in London UK.
Award Winning Garden Designer, Garden Designs, Garden Planning and Landscaping
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Chelsea 2009

RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gardens
About This Project

The Eco Chic Garden examined the potential of under-used inner-town spaces – spaces with no obvious water sources or proximity to other greenery, which could nonetheless offer garden-lovers an elegant oasis of tranquillity. The garden also had a pronounced eco edge and could easily be built using the discarded surplus elements left behind by builders and contractors – from scaffold boards and paving to ballast and planks. The garden was set in a 7m x 5m space – typical of a real-life space between new or existing apartment buildings. Such a location might be initially unpromising and difficult to plant – dank, dull and probably largely overshadowed in daylight hours. Transformation was achieved by using dramatic green walls, permeable materials and shade-tolerant planting. In a real-life application, the garden would be self-sufficient in terms of water supply, with grey water from the surrounding buildings re-used for irrigation.


Chelsea Gold Medal Winner – Best Urban Garden


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Photographs © The Garden Builders