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Award Winning Garden Designer, Garden Designs, Garden Planning and Landscaping in London UK.
Award Winning Garden Designer, Garden Designs, Garden Planning and Landscaping
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23 Dec Winter Plants for Your Planting Plan

Winter gardens are traditionally thought of as quite dull, a time when everything has died back for the year and there are typically large gaps in the borders as the perennials are cut down and tidied away. Some feel that their garden story is now...

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colour for Autumn gardens

27 Oct Autumn Colour in the Garden

Late summer in the garden is the new June, or that's what I like to think anyway. English gardens of old were traditionally often over by the middle of July but today's gardens push on, at least until the frosts. This is due in part...

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12 Aug Longstock Water Gardens

I have always been a little bit wary of water gardens. It is I suppose completely irrational but perhaps I have seen too many gloopy pools of water, scummy with clogged leaves and debris where the intent of the movement and reflection from a crystal...

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26 Jan What is a vertical garden?

A vertical garden basically means that every thing grows on a vertical surface whether it is on an existing building or a structure designed specifically for the vertical garden design. There is a system often referred to in the industry as greenwall or mur vegetal. This is...

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21 Dec For a small garden area…..

Before you even begin the design of your garden you should think carefully about what you want and plan it on paper. It's not only about plants and flowers, ask any garden designer and their response would most likely be, "that's the easy part, that's the fun part"....

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