Gold and Best Outdoor Lighting In Singapore!

Kate Gould and the KGG team along with Keith Chapman MBE and Colin Evans who helped build the garden in Singapore are thrilled with their second gold medal of the year as well as ‘Best Outdoor Lighting’ award in their category.

They traveled to Singapore on the 8th July 2018 to begin building a show garden for the ‘Landscape Garden’ category at the bi-annual Singapore Garden Festival. Kate teamed up with implementing partner ISS Hydroculture based in Singapore to bring her design to reality with hard and soft landscaping.  Work began on the 10th July and judging took place on the 20th July. Everyone couldn’t be more pleased with the results of their hard work.

Pictured from left to right: Minister Desmond Lee with Kate and Mr Jimmy Ng (Implementing Partner, ISS Hydroculture Pte Ltd)

Pictured from left to right: Lo Lai Ling (ISS), Kate, Wemby Novitasari (ISS), Venus Tan (ISS), Alex Tng (ISS)

From the moment the team at ISS Hydroculture agreed to work with us to build the garden and bring Kate’s design to life, they worked tirelessly to make sure the project was a success. Kate and PM Keith made a recce trip to Singapore in February to meet the team. ISS had organised to visit numerous nurseries to begin selecting show standard plants as well as quarries and hard landscaping merchants. They really made the whole experience as enjoyable as possible and shared their knowledge and expertise of the hydroculture planting system.

Daytime SGF 2018- Kate Gould and ISS Hydroculture PTE ltd

Landscapeplus were a great support for sorting all the lighting products here in the UK and getting it shipped over to Singapore for us ahead of the show. All that effort paid off with the ‘Best Outdoor Lighting’ award. We would love to thank the Landscapeplus team again for all their help in helping us achieve another show garden.

Night time SGF 2018 – Lighting products supplied by Landscapeplus

“I was so pleased and overwhelmed to be given the chance design a garden for the Singapore Garden Festival.We are extremely fortunate to have worked with such an amazing group of peopleat ISS Hydroculture as well as the Nparks show teams who have made our experience, especially in the extreme weather conditions, so pleasant helping to bring the garden to life in such a short period of time. Each job and show that you complete you learn something from but this one particularly so as the planting palette is unique to its hot tropical environment. This garden has to be credited to the ISS team who shared their vast knowledge of tropical plants as well as the hydroculture planting system.”

– Kate Gould expressing her feeling on being chosen and the experience of building a show garden in Singapore.

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