Style: Classic

About This Project

A tiny city courtyard on a London Street was designed to compliment the clients’ classic interior scheme.  A perfect sanctuary for a quiet early morning coffee or before dinner drink.  The space presented a few challenges, the least of which being dominating walls to all sides as well as walk over glass floor lights.

The solution created elaborate and highly decorative bespoke laser cut screens with integrated antique mirrors which facilitate a play of light making the space appear brighter are well as larger.  Zinc and tin-plated planters are filled with Olives, Taxus, ferns and trailing plants in a formal layout echoed on each side of the space.  Two blown glass wall lights add depth and drama and set the scene through to evening.  This is a truly bespoke space that reflects the interior and stretches the view from the front door making its small footprint appear much greater than it actually is.

Images copyright Ben Dale.