Style: Contemporary

About This Project

A tiny roof space disconnected from the property and only really visible once outside. The client wanted the space to be useable both day and night, with an outdoor cooking area, a seating space and a fireplace for cosy evenings outside.  Since the roof terrace wasn’t obviously linked to the indoor residence, there was no reason to visually connect it to the existing materials and colour scheme used within the house itself and consequently it has a very unique feel and character to it.


Millboard decking was used for the flooring as it is low maintenance, looks fabulous and was easy to transport through a narrow property and up the stairs to the terrace. A long bespoke storage seat allows space for 6-8 people to comfortably sit and relax whilst fold out tables are used to create a dining area that can be conveniently stored away in the seat when not in use so as to maximise the space available. When you are working with such tight spots, every little helps.


Opposite the outdoor kitchen sits an outdoor gel fire featuring colourful glazed tiles which creates a wonderful ambience when lit, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Obelisks from the clients previous residence were adjusted and re-modelled to allow them to be used in the much smaller space.  The base of the obelisks were turned into tables with glass tops. Planting is hardy, designed for full sun utilising Olives and other sun lovers.