Style: Contemporary

About This Project

“I want it to be really green.  A literal Oasis in the city”.  That was the brief, and this garden delivers all the greens. A basement garden shaded by high walls and neighbouring properties dictates a foliage rich palette and there is nothing better in those conditions for creating privacy than a Dicksonia / Tree Fern. The garden went through several iterations at the design stage to allow considerations to be made to the use of the space but a dining table was the final edit and the scheme grew around that.

Neutral tones in the interior of the property are echoed outside with a light cream porcelain tile and stick bricks to echo the architecture. Evergreens wrap around the base of the Tree Ferns as well as white stemmed Betula / Birch. White Hydrangea are used as colour in the summer to create light in the shade.