Singapore Garden Festival 2018

Urban Lifestyle

About This Project

This courtyard space is intended for the use of a community, living in surrounding apartment blocks. The residents have no access to their own private gardens but can garden here in small numbers communally or on their own. Showcasing relatively small raised beds in different heights as well as hanging planters allows each area to be gardened individually as and when time permits. Separate seating and lounging areas provide the residents with relaxing spaces. One area, over a calm pool is covered by a lightweight pergola which shields people using the garden from windows and balconies above, offering both privacy and shade.


Materials take their reference from the assumed building facade and are intended to be sturdy for year-round use and longevity. A green wall faces into the courtyard to to break up the vertical hardscape whilst static and moveable screens allow flexibility of use by opening up the space if desired. Colourful highlights provided by the pergola and pool add drama to a predominantly foliage rich planting palette which is grown in a soil free hydro system to minimise mosquito breeding in small confined residential spaces.


The plants and moving water feature are lit for effect at night and some of the cushions are made from glow in the dark fabric which requires no electrical input and creates effect without light pollution.


Medal: Gold and ‘Best Outdoor Lighting’


Images copyright of Nparks and ISS Hydroculture