Proud To Be BALI Registered

Kate and the team are proud to now be an accredited BALI designer member. They can now display the letters MBALI after the company name.

Why Choose a BALI member to design your garden?

Kate and the team had to embark on a rigorous process to be granted their member ship status. To be granted Registered Membership, BALI members sign up to a Code of Conduct pledging to carry out their business to the very highest industry standards. This means investing in staff training and skills development, adhering to health and safety regulations, considering the environmental and ethical implications of what they do, and running their operations with honesty and integrity. By choosing a BALI professional to design and build your garden, you can be assured of professional excellence and confident that you will receive outstanding customer service.

The Association’s principal objectives are:

  • To encourage the highest standards of quality, workmanship and service.
  • To support the training of landscape personnel and the recognition of qualifications and competencies.
  • To foster a greater awareness of the landscape industry’s role in the creation of an improved environment.
  • To maintain and improve the standing of the landscape industry by providing its members with a strong collective choice and to publicise the best contributions to that process through the BALI National Landscape Awards presented each year.

To view Kate’s BALI profile – click here on the image below.