Sir Simon Milton Foundation ‘New West End Garden’ supported by New West End Company – RHS Chelsea 2018

Kate and the team are excited to announce that they will be building a garden at RHS Chelsea in 2018The garden will be called ‘West End Secret Garden’ and sponsored by the Sir Simon Milton Foundation who are being supported by the New West End Company. The countdown begins to another fabulous project!


A modern interpretation of the gardens and architecture of a London square, combining environmentally positive technology as showcased in Bird Street, located just off Oxford Street. A creative modern pocket of green space in the heart of London’s busiest shopping district. A communal garden for use all year round to provide a green oasis in the heart of the West End with positive clean air as well as an energy harvesting technology for residents, workers and visitors to use. The garden is to be a calm space with lightweight trees providing shelter and privacy from the surrounding buildings for those enjoying the space. Colourful low level planting around the perimeter invites you into the garden. Technology is factored into the design to work seamlessly in the space and not to be a token gesture.

The garden is a free standing space with references within and on the boundaries to the architecture surrounding it. This is a small, private corner of a larger space. The vertical boundaries are Ashlar clad which reference the classical architecture of some of the building present in a some of London’s most famous squares. The garden will also feature a sunken space enclosed by vertical green walls which create a relaxing heart to the garden to offset colourful perimeter planting. A classical water feature to help mask city noise. Cutting edge paving with integral energy harvesting and clean air (through a pergola) make this garden innovative. A sculpture can be seen from different angles.